Jennifer's signature yoga classes are inspired by traditional Hatha Yoga, which means that each position (asana) is explained, focusing on healthy body alignment in an intelligently devised and executed sequence. The result is a guided flow (Vinyasa Krama). The class always includes a meditation and a relaxation, as well as guided breathing techniques to support concentration and awareness and balance the nervous system (pranayama). In time and with regular practice you will not only notice physical benefits such as flexibility and strength but mental fitness and balance as well. Her approach is; Don't force yoga on to the body but learn to listen to, communicate and improve the state of your body & mind using the practice of yoga, always with a hint of a smile. Next to her signature yoga class, Jennifer also teaches Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, as well as Pilates classes. She also offers 1:1 sessions on yoga, pilates, coaching and Ayurvedic nutrition, as well as live and on-demand Webinars such as the 5 Day Yoga Challenge or Know Your Breath